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An Industry Plagued With Crappy Humor

"Porta potty humor isn't my #1 favorite kind of humor, but it's definitely #2!"

My family has been involved in pumping and maintenance of septic systems since 1939 so you can bet that I've heard them all. I honestly didn't think much of it until I got involved in the family tradition by starting my own arm of the business in portable sanitation. It was at that time I started getting familiar with the most obvious lines out there.....

"Hey, you sure got a crappy job!"

"Hey, Does your job suck?"

"Hey, Does your job stink?"

Although I've heard these hundreds of times over the last ten years, it doesn't really get old or annoying. I find it funny that whomever is sharing this ageless humor, thinks that somehow I've never heard it before. 

Poop jokes & porta potty humor are definitely a two way street. I've known a couple great lines that have been used over the years. 

"Satisfaction guranteed or double your S#!T back" 

"Your S#!T is our bread & butter" 

In the age of "memes",  we have a whole new way to express our desire to poke fun at our industry. 

There are thousands more Memes out there and I can appreciate the humor in all of them but please stop tagging me in every "Stool Bus" photo you come across. I've seen it.

There's even a fantastic lesson in outhouse history documented by MadTv years ago. It's the story of

Honey Dipper Dan  (<click the link) 

Anyone who is in the construction industry probably gets the humor more than anyone. Infact their clever quips and quotes are written all over the walls of construction site toilets everywhere. 

If you wanted to gauge the local contractors political leanings, just read the informative literature on the wall of their porta potty. 

If you happen to be looking for a good time, you can often find a referance written on the wall of a porta potty. 

Some of the most talented people specializing in the field of drawing phallic images, happen to use the wall of porta-john as their canvas. 

If God has blessed us with Sharpie markers and a sense of duty to share our best lines and artwork, then so be it. 

I think its wonderful thing to have so much humor in our business. 

God bless,

Danny Schlomka

Schlomka's Portable Restrooms & Mobile Pressure Washing LLC


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